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How It

Drop-In • Plug & Play • Central Plants for Domestic Hot Water

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A Shift In Strategy

Meeting Domestic Hot Water Demand With Storage

Traditional hot water delivery systems rely on

high-capacity boilers to meet demand. The trend

of oversizing these systems results in wasted energy.

WaterDrop uses an array of highly efficient SANCO2

heat pumps to build up a high storage volume to meet



During periods of low use, the heat pumps produce more hot

water than is being used. The excess hot water goes back into the storage. Once the storage is fully recovered, the stored hot water is

on standby, ready for the cycle to repeat.

Meeting Demand

System Sizing

Choosing the Right Model

The Ecosizer

WaterDrop systems were born from a collaboration with Ecotope and a desire to provide a complete drop-in system for whole building water heating. WaterDrop designs are heavily centered around using Ecotope's Ecosizer software. This is available to everyone and is a good way to get a head start on knowing what size system you will need.

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