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WaterDrop Products

Drop-In • Plug & Play • Central Plants for Domestic Hot Water

WaterDrop Complete Skid Solutions

WaterDrop Complete Skid Solutions are selected to meet the needs of the building based on occupancy and expected water usage. These skids come with everything needed for a fully functioning domestic hot water delivery system, including the hot water recirculation pump sized for the application. Included in the package is a master controller with communication options of WIFI, LTE, and BMS. WaterDrop's Complete Skid systems offer a no hassle solution for whole building water heating, and come in several standard models to fit your individual needs.

WaterDrop Droplets

Droptlet4 Assembly_0.1x_0.1x.png

The WaterDrop Droplet is a heat pump array, in a range of capacities from 9Kw to 54Kw. The wide range of capacities are the perfect way to find the right size of heat pump for the load in 9KW increments. Ideal applications are in building retrofits and new construction where the building type makes more sense to separate the heat pump from the storage tanks. Like a full WaterDrop skid, a Droplet comes completely pre-assembled and ready for power and water. It is fully racked, piped, and wired with a single point power landing. The Droplet internal piping is heat traced and insulated and comes with its own master staging controller with communication options of WIFI, LTE and BMS. The controller is ready to integrate into your plant with single point thermistors for a supply tank well, return port temp and outdoor air.

WaterDrop Partial Load Systems

Secondary Skid_0.1x_0.1x.png

WaterDrop Partial load systems are used to partially meet a new or existing building’s DHW load using electric heat pumps. Existing buildings getting a DHW plant retrofit can economize by re-using the existing boiler, TMV and record pump. New buildings needing only partial loads supplied by heat pumps to augment a boiler can safely target green house gas reductions by contributing only a part of the daily load. To accomplish this, the building is sized and the WaterDrop selection offers a fixed percentage of daily capacity with the boiler picking up the rest.

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